Some snippets from Cuba

GAL_3613-3After sunset at the port in Santiago de Cuba

GAL_3631Night at the park near the port in Santiago de Cuba

GAL_3638tube fishing (?) in Barracoa

GAL_3644In Barracoa, football stadium on the beach. How cool is that!!!

GAL_3648Kids having fun on the beach in Barracoa

GAL_3688on the beach in Barracoa

GAL_3696In Gibara

GAL_3699In Gibara

GAL_3700In Gibara

GAL_3703In Gibara

GAL_3710Public announcement system in Gibara

GAL_3711fishing canoes in Gibara

GAL_3717People waiting to buy internet card outside the telephone company, ETECSA, in Santa Clara. Queues are only theoretical in Cuba. The last man has to ask for “El Ultimo”. Somebody, irrespective of where he/she is standing in the group, will raise hand. The last person have to follow him/her. When the next person shows up, he or she will shout “El Ultimo”, and the cycle repeats.

GAL_3726Bicycle taxi on a road in Santa Clara

GAL_3727Step on the road anywhere in Cuba, within minutes, you will be amused by these vintage/classic cars.

GAL_3735Inside the II-class coach

GAL_3734the only toilet in the 4-coach train

GAL_3736a first class coach (didn’t find a toilet)

GAL_3739enjoying churritos in Santa Clara

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